Virus Still Wide-spread

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“FBI / Justice Department” Virus Still Wide-spread:

Are you getting a scary warning on your computer from what appears to be the FBI / Justice Department or Homeland Security telling you that you have been performing illegal activities on the Internet? Many, many people have been for several months now and we have been removing a lot of these viruss infections. This warning is completely illegitimate and is the result of a viruses, so do not pay the $$$ they’re asking for. It’s a SCAM. That being said, it can be very stubborn to remove, where your Anti-virus will probably not suffice alone to get rid of this malware. We’ve removed this virus from dozens of computers and have had a great success rate. So if yours is infected with this or some other viral nasty, we’d be happy to take of this problem for you.

fbi-justice-department-virus-thumb Virus Still Wide-spread