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Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair

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Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair is owned and run by me, George Prince. I am the Owner, Customer Service, and Worker of this Company.
I have been involved with computers in some form or another since the days of the Windows XP, which was my first computer.
My background includes an AS degree in computers and several years of first-hand experience, both at home and in office settings. I have used several generations of computers since my first DOS computer. I am always finding out new things about computers. This carried into all Apple products and then into mobile devices, Apple and Android OS.
I got into the field of ‘repair’ because of a natural inclination to want to help people. In my first office setting, I became the guy who fixed the software problems on the office computers and taught my boss how to use her computer and the software that computer used. After years of giving out free advice, it was suggested to me that I go into business to help people with their computer problems.
So I did.I am the Owner of Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair.
And here I am. My staff and I are ready to help you with whatever questions you have and ready to fix whatever ails your computer.
My business is mostly local for your ease and convenience.
I will explain what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and what it all means.
In clear, jargon-free English; no computer-ese or geek-speak.

Remember, if your computer is giving you fits, don’t be shy, just call Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair!

When computers don’t work as they should, they make life more frustrating than it needs to be. I can de-stress your computing life by explaining what happened, or why (when possible), fixing the problem, and showing you what you can do to keep problems away.

I can make your life easier. I explain everything I do in everyday English, with as little jargon as possible, so you know what’s happening. No question is too basic. You should not be made to feel stupid by a machine.
You shouldn’t waste your valuable time calling telephone support or unplugging and lugging your system to a shop and waiting for someone to get around to it. Peter’s PC will come out to your house or office and fix whatever is ailing your computer, on your schedule.

Whether it’s a virus, a Blue Screen of Death, a mysterious slowdown, or a laptop screen replacement, I do repairs on all types and brands of computers and laptops, including Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway, and Lenovo.

Peter’s PC  provides convenient and quality mobile IT, repair, consulting and help desk support & service to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses; whether you need a question answered, want some advice, or you need diagnosis and repair.

I cover all of Snohomish County and adjoining parts of King and Skagit Counties.

Stop Problems Before They Happen.

An evaluation of your computers current setup can catch problems before they become Big Problems, potentially saving you money in repair costs and lost time. Peter’s PC offers a free 10-minute Security Review to examine your computer’s protection software and make recommendations for improvement, if any are needed.

Protecting your computer and data is an ongoing process. Hackers, virus writers and spammers are always trying to be one step ahead of your security measures.
Simple security practices will help you keep the attackers at bay and prevent viruses and spyware from coming into your computer.

I can show you how to do these things, in language you will understand.
Remember, if your computer is giving you fits, don’t be shy, just call the Guy in the Bow Tie!

How Long Will It Take?

The amount of time it takes will depend on what it is I am doing for you. The average appointment takes around 2 hours, but there are many variables. Some appointments take more time, some take less time.

If I am doing something other than repair, I will have to give you an estimate over the phone, or once I arrive.

Consulting & Helpdesk

If you dont need repair, I can still help you out.
I do training, consulting and just plain question-answering. If you have questions, or want to know how to do something (like burning a CD or DVD; setting up iTunes for the first time, or how to put your music onto your computer), I can show you how.

Concierge Service
I can help you buy a new computer(or phone or tablet, orany other techno-gadget), or I can buy it for you. Or, I can build you a custom computer; perfectly suited to your needs and wants, then set it up for you and show you how it works.


Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair


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