Virus Removal
We can clean and disinfect your system while preserving your pictures, music, documents and other data. As added insurance, we make a backup of your entire hard drive to an external drive prior to beginning the virus removal process. This serves as a double insurance policy against data loss. We scan your system with a minimum of four different antivirus and antimalware programs to ensure your system is clean and fully functional. After cleanup, we perform a Total System Update to lessen the possibility of re-infection and to maximize your computers performance.
Laptop Repair
We can repair any make or model of laptop. We can repair or replace worn screen hinges, hard drives, DVD drives, motherboards or any other component. When your laptop comes into our shop we will diagnose all issues and provide you with a cost of repair for your approval prior to starting any repairs. If we feel the cost of repair is more than the value of the laptop, we will contact you and discuss all available options. Once the options have been discussed it will be your decision to repair or not to repair.
LCD Screen Replacement
If your screen is cracked, it’s obvious, it has to be replaced. If your screen is dim or goes blank after a period of time, has lines or distortion then the problem isn’t so obvious. It could be a screen, inverter, video cable or video card problem. Bring it to our shop and we will diagnose the problem and provide you an estimate for repair. If you elect for us to replace your screen we will need the laptop prior to ordering the screen so that we may verify the existing screen part number and resolution. The same model of laptop may have been sold with two or more different screens. One may have a standard resolution screen the other a high resolution screen.
DC Power Jack Repair
We replace DC Jacks as well. We also have the proper equipment to replace them quickly and safely. Once you have provided the computer for evaluation we’ll provide you with a total cost estimate. If you’re not sure what kind of power problem you have, bring you laptop and charger to our shop for a free diagnosis. The most common power problem isn’t with a DC Jack, but the charger unit itself. If you elect to have us order you a replacement power supply, we may have a loaner you can use until the new one arrives. If we have a loaner available for your model, we can order the replacement by slow boat saving you a dollar or two.
Desktop Repair
Any problem, any make, any brand including home builds. With 98% of our business being laptops an occasional desktop is a welcome relief.
Total System Update Includes…
System scan for Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Adware and other infections. If found, clean and disinfect system. Update Windows  & Microsoft Office products with all applicable Service Packs and all additional Windows updates. Update Java and all Adobe products (if installed). Optimize system for best performance. Perform a professional cleaning of the CPU heat sink, fan(s), interior and exterior of computer. Install a Free Antivirus program if requested.