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2 thoughts on “Customers Reviews

  1. I must say will all due respect to Mr Prince, his expertise at working on and fixing computers up to A+ standards are awesome. I needed google crome, my CAC card reader and my printer fixed up, and he did just that in a hastily, quickly manner. He had all three of the previous named fixed/downloaded and back into my hands within three days, I would definitely recommend him to anyone, awesome work again Mr. Prince.

  2. I have been using Princes Mobile Computer Repair services since 2009. Having been familiar with his computer work when I lived in Texas, I have continued to go to him by mail for setting up a new laptop for me that worked flawlessly for 6 years and was still working when I sent it back to him as a trade in for an upgraded Windows 7 laptop that he put together for me when Windows 7 had been replaced by Windows 8 and 10 in the stores. In both cases the computers were returned to me within 10 days packaged carefully and ready to go! I continue to call him for computer related questions, and have found it less costly for me to use his highly skilled, professional and dependable service by mail than to use local people who often charge exorbitant fees! I have found that Princes Mobile Computer Repair is worth using no matter where you are!

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