Mobile Repair Services

Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair

Repair Diagnosis
It doesn’t matter who broke it. We fix it. Rather than sending your mobile device away for battery installation or repair, bring it to us and, on most devices, we will perform the appropriate service, in our store, with a quick turnaround.
Our trained technicians will test and accurately diagnose the issue first, making sure to replace only the parts that are causing the problem. We won’t make you pay for something you don’t need! Then, once the repairs are made, we will test your device again to make sure it’s working properly before you leave the store.

Top Quality Service
At Batteries Plus Bulbs, you can always expect quality products and outstanding service. As experts in constantly evolving mobile technologies, we have made it our business to offer repair services for the top mobile device brands. Our teams are fully trained to install replacement batteries in these smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, along with repairing or replacing screens, buttons, ports and components.


It’s true that keeping up with cell phone trends can be tricky. And just when you thought you owned the latest model, a newer one comes out to put yours to shame. But unless you’re made of money, you can’t afford to keep replacing your cell phone every time a new one comes out. And you certainly don’t want to replace your cell phone every time it breaks or stops working properly. But thanks to Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, cell phone repair services,  can salvage a broken phone even when all hope seems lost.


At Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, we work to repair cell phones that have been dropped, smashed, or even tainted with water. We understand how much you value your cell phone and how you simply can’t live without it, so when you come to us, we’ll give you prompt service that won’t cost a fortune.

If your cell phone is on the fritz, don’t run out to buy a new one just yet. Instead, bring your phone to Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair and give our cell phone repair specialists a chance to work their magic.


Whether you use your iPad for work or for play, it’s probably a device you use often. So when your iPad breaks, you need a reliable and efficient repair team to get it fixed in a hurry. And that’s where we come in. At Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, we offer thorough and effective iPad repair services for our customers.


At Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, we work to repair iPads quickly. We understand that your iPad is something you’re used to having on hand, and that living without it can be downright inconvenient. When you call us for help, we’ll respond quickly and do everything in our power to get your device fixed. 

If your iPad has stopped working, don’t give up hope. Instead, reach out to our team for help. Call now for more information or to request an appointment.


You invested in an iPhone to take advantage of its numerous features. And you’ve probably come to rely on that iPhone on a regular basis. So if your iPhone suddenly breaks or stops working properly, you’ll want to get it fixed in a hurry. And that’s where we can help. AtPrince’s Mobile Computer Repair, we provide reliable iPhone repair services.


At Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, we understand how much you value your iPhone, and that you can’t afford to be without it for long. Whether you dropped your phone and caused its damage or simply woke up one day to find that it wasn’t functioning properly, we can help address the problem quickly and efficiently. Every member of our team is committed to offering great service. And we keep our rates reasonable as well. 

Don’t let a broken iPhone disrupt your routine. Instead, bring your phone to Prince’s Mobile Computer Repair, and let us fix it for you. Call or visit us now to schedule an appointment.